What is a USDA mortgage and am I eligible?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a loan program that helps offer mortgages to people looking to buy rural property throughout the United States. It is different than conventional loan programs or even FHA programs, because it allows you finance up to 100% of the purchase price of the property.

Pretty sweet right?

If you can’t come up with the downpayment, this lets you buy your dream house complete with the white picket fence without needed to put thousands down. All you need, is to qualify for the basic requirements.

  1. Make the right amount of money. Not too little OR too much.
  2. Show two years of stable job history, and 12 months of stable rent history.
  3. You can qualify with a 600 credit score, but you need a 640 to get a true 100% finance.
  4. Have a 29/41 Debt To Income ratio.
  5. Purchase a property in a eligible area.

If you meet these five basic qualifications you most likely can get approved for a USDA Mortgage excluding any extenuating circumstances or other guidelines. Send me a message or talk with your Mortgage Loan Officer to confirm your eligibility, but the USDA zero down mortgage loan program is probably the BEST option for homebuyers in 2017.

This program was designed to encourage people to move out of big cities or area’s with a high cost of living. If you’re coming from California and moving to Idaho or another rural state, this program was designed for people exactly like you.

Koby is the National Advertising Director for US Mortgage Corporation. He has been running the marketing for mortgage banks for over 2 years, is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, and the founder of